Men’s health: Unhealthy habits men should kick

How many of these bad habits are you guilty of? They're especially common among men, who could add years to their lives by paying attention to the following advice. 

Avoiding the GP

According to charity the Men’s Health Forum, men are less likely than women to go to their doctor if they think something’s wrong. And they’re more likely to be diagnosed with serious diseases like cancer or diabetes at a later stage. They die earlier too.

So don’t be an ostrich, arrange a GP appointment at the first sign of a problem.


Skipping breakfast

There’s a link between men ducking breakfast and suffering a heart attack, research has found, so look out some mouth-watering recipes for healthy breakfasts, get up a bit earlier and, as often as you can, make the first meal of the day your guilty pleasure.

Scrambled eggs with basil? Pancakes with fruit? Kedgeree? Delicious! 


Ignoring your testicles

Cancers that are found early are the easiest to treat, so make it a new habit to check your balls for lumps or swellings regularly—perhaps once a month.

Do it after a bath or shower, when the scrotal skin is more relaxed. See your doctor straight away if there’s any change.


Bottling things up

Men often don’t like talking about their emotions, but male depression is very common and men are more likely to commit suicide or resort to alcohol than women.

Aim to have a good friend you can confide in and if you still feel sad or hopeless after a few weeks, seek help from your doctor. 


Binge drinking

Heavy drinking sessions, even occasional ones, can affect your long-term health and make you pile on the pounds.

Resolve to drink just below the safe limit of no more than 14 units a week, have several alcohol-free days each week and never save up all your units for a weekly binge.



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